Friday, March 15, 2013

Shoes Off.

Shoes! Baby. Momma. Daddy.

Now that Alice is crawling all over our apartment, I am much more aware of the cleanliness of our floors.  Not that we are slobs but mopping the floor has never been a top chore around here.  But with Alice finding and then putting the smallest particle of whatever into her mouth, pristine floors are now a must.

While we were in Canada last week, we had a discussion about the custom of taking off your shoes when you enter your own or someone else's home.  In Canada, that's just what they do!  There is no Shoes Off! sign posted to alert guests to remove their footwear, it is just customary to not tromp around the house in your outside shoes.  When I told my in-laws that this isn't common in the U.S., they said, "So you just go to someone's house and walk right through their home with your shoes on?"  When I nodded yes, they looked sort of shocked.  They must think we are a bunch of heathens down here in the States!

So now that we have a kid, I totally see the benefit of all-shoes-off when you or a guest walk through the front door, especially living in a grimy city like Boston.  The thought of the dirt, the grease and the general ick of a city sidewalk being brought onto the floors that Alice crawls all over makes me cringe just a little.

What do you think about the Shoes Off! policy?  We are going to do a thorough cleaning of the floors this weekend and then it's shoes off for us when we walk in our door.  Fortunately we don't have a lot of guests over as I'm not sure how I feel about making others do the same!     

Workouts:  Monday - Rest day. Tuesday - Travel day (which felt like a workout in itself). Wednesday - Back to early AM CrossFit: Back squats, lateral burpee box jumps + pull-ups. Thursday - CrossFit: Romanian deadlifts + push-ups, then 30 jumping lunges + (10 powercleans + 20 kettlebell swings) x 2 + 30 jumping squats. Friday (today) - Run! 5 miles.


  1. We always removed our shoes growing up and so i do it automatically. Its customary in Germany, as well. They wear slippers or house shoes here.

    I think its icky to weat shoes inside - what if you stepped in dog poop a little and didnt know it? Yuck.

  2. We don't have a shoes off policy in Australia, so we found it a little strange going over someone's house for dinner and having to take your shoes off. It's a little like you're half undressed.

    Having said that I normally take my shoes off when at home - much more comfy. And I hear you about the floor, I have never vacuumed so much in my live as I have since Lulu started putting things in her mouth.

  3. We are in the UK and thankfully most people where we live take their shoes off. Its a semi-rural area with lots of mud everywhere so shoes always need to come off. We automatically take our shoes off when visiting, and at home we wear slippers.

  4. I don't have any strong feelings either way. Lots of people take their shoes off when coming into our house and I think it's because I usually have a pile of shoes laying in our entry way. It doesn't bother me when people wear shoes in the house but it does make it much more difficult to keep our carpets and floors clean, especially in the winter. I usually ask people's "shoe policy" before I traipse through their house with my shoes on.

    Having dog is a whole other story!

  5. We do the shoes off policy around here, mainly to try to keep dirt and grime off, and I also read a lot about pesticides making their way into the home through their way of shoes. But lately, Emil has been insisting on wearing ALL of our shoes all around the house, so I guess that negates the whole thing. Kid just loves to tromp around in all kinds of shoes. :)


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