Monday, March 18, 2013

Old & Boring.

Robins. Sign of spring, I hope.

Since spring is still officially a few days away, Mother Nature seems not quite ready to grace us with warmer temperatures.  It was downright bone-chilling in Boston over the weekend!  We managed to get out, though, despite the cold, with a trip to the park on Saturday.  Alice was a good sport even as her little fingers turned bright pink gripping the bars of the playground.  We hung around long enough for Alice to take a trip down the slide and for Mommy to harass the robins by taking a bunch of pictures of them.

Obviously we didn't learn our lesson from last year when I was 40-weeks-and-one-day pregnant taking the T on St Patrick's Day.  We must've had a lapse in judgement on Sunday when we decided to take the T into downtown to shop on Newbury Street just an hour before the South Boston St Patrick's Day parade started.  This year, though, we were smarter and got on the T at an earlier stop before all the sloppy drunk, green-clad college kids did.  There is something seriously wrong when 90% of the people on the train are wasted by noon.

Or maybe I'm just old and boring. 

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day.  Sunday - 6 mile run.  All by myself!  After feeling funky all day, that run totally righted my world.   


  1. I love understanding the references to locations around Boston! We walked up and down Newbury Street a few times- great shopping! We also took the subway to Harvard Square. This reminds me that I need to blog about Boston stat. Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Maybe we are getting old and boring. We went to a 30th Saturday night & I was home, in bed, by 11pm. I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer! Sending you all our warm weather, I cannot wait until it cools down a little bit here. Congratulations on the run.

  3. I know, I definitely don't party like I used to on St. Patty's. A few years ago, right before I got pregnant with Wyatt, our friends came into town for us to give them the full Boston St. Patty's experience and I was already over it back then. I love the holiday- but I just want to eat cabbage and soda bread and wear some green.

    Alice looks adorable in the park!

  4. Alice is so grown up... already going down the slide. St. Patricks Day was spent with some friends. But no alcohol was consumed. Maybe next year. Great pictures. xo


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