Friday, March 22, 2013

One Year.

Dear Sweet Pea...

One year ago today you and I went through something so profound together.  Wriggly and pink and helpless, you were pulled from my belly as you made your dramatic entrance into this world.  In those minutes just before you were born I remember thinking I couldn't believe this life-changing moment was finally here.  I was about to become a mom.  Your mom!  And I was both terrified and thrilled at what that all meant.

Now here we are, an entire year later, and we've both survived!  Alice Glen... over the last twelve months you have taught me so much about myself.  Through your innocent little eyes I've learned how to love profoundly, how to find patience when I thought I had none and how to let go of the past, forget the future and live in the moment.  Thank you for helping make me a better person. 

Baby girl, I am so lucky to be your mom.  I didn't think it was possible but I love you more today than that perfect moment you were born.  You are my everything.



  1. Happy Birthday, Alice!

    I felt emotional on Nolan's Birthday, too. Mostly I was sad I was so sleep deprived I feel like I forget a lot of it.

    I love her photos. What beautiful hair she has

  2. Happy Happy Birthday little Alice! I love that you were so good about documenting her each month, it's such fun to see the pictures all lined up and it's also amazing that babies just keep getting cuter... then I guess they start growing up and the scales tip :)

    Hope you all enjoy the day. I always think it's extra special when your birthday falls on a Friday or a week-end- par-tay!!

  3. Happy birthday Alice from great uncle Al. It was nice to see you on your last visit. by the way...If your Mom is going to cry all day like she says, get her a beer for her tears. Moms like to cry in their beer. I hope you get your favorite supper and then a special birthday cake and all kinds of presents today from all the people that love you.

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Alice! What a great collage of pictures. It's great to see how she has changed from month to month.

    Your Sweet Pea letter is touching. She sure is loved! Not only from you but across the USA and Canada. What a lucky little girl.

    Hope to see pictures of her blowing out her 1st birthday candle and making a mess! Great memories. xoxo Grandma Julie

  5. HAPPY HAPPY TO ALICE!! The photos are so sweet. To at least 100 more!

  6. Happy First Birthday Alice! What a year hey?! Well done on making it through Briana! Life sure has changed & for the better :)


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