Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi Dad.

Hi Dad,

How's Boston?  It sure is weird being here at Grama and Grandpa's house without you.  When Mom carries me into the bedroom in the morning after getting me out of the crib I start to giggle because I think you'll be laying there waiting to give me a snuggle!  Mom is doing her best to snuggle and tickle me like you do but she isn't nearly as fun.

How are the cats?  I am sure you are enjoying spending some alone time with them.  Mom says you really do love them even though you say you won't miss them when they croak (but I thought cats meowed and frogs croaked, Dad?!). 

I miss you, Dad!  Mom does, too. 

love & snail kisses,
Alice Banana.

P.S., Can you believe Mom is going to fly home alone with me next week?!  She's nervous.  I am, too!


  1. So cute. I love how she gets her whole body into clapping. She is a happy baby.

    Say Hi to everyone from Grandma Julie and Zayde in Utah. Wishing you smooth sailing on your trip back to Boston. Miss you! xoxo

  2. Alice! I love that baby girl even though I've never met her. She makes the greatest faces, Briana! (And good luck with that flight-- I'm sure it will be easier than you think)!


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