Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bunnykins Bowl.

Make a wish! March 2013.

On Sunday we had a mini pre-birthday party for our almost one-year old.  Grama baked vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles (mom's favorite!) and she even bought Alice a very thoughtful gift.  My mother-in-law's four boys all ate from this adorable bunny bowl when they were babies and, while we've been in Canada, Alice has eaten out of that same bowl.  So when Grama bought Alice her own Bunnykins bowl and spoon I smiled at the thought of continuing that tradition with our kid(s), too.

Of course Alice gobbled up every last bite of that cupcake.  She is the off-spring of a momma with a serious sweet tooth after all.  And, not surprisingly, she was a bit wild as soon as her first sugar-rush hit!

And P.S.... Alice and I are flying across the continent ALONE today!  Eek.  Wish us Momma luck!

  "Socks made in the USA?! Thanks, Grama!"

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