Monday, February 18, 2013


Alice trying to act cool around the birthday girl.

Alice and I had a rough start to our Friday. Because we needed the car for an afternoon birthday party, and since we are a one-car family, we drove Lee to work first thing after Alice had breakfast. We arrived at Lee's office, he kissed us both goodbye, and then Alice and I headed home to get started on our unusually busy Friday. Alice was chatting away to herself during the ride but, as we neared home, she got noticeably quieter. I figured she must be getting tired since we were nearing her morning nap time. As we sat at a red light about four miles from home, I heard a rustling from the backseat followed by a retching and then I heard the contents of Alice's stomach exit her little body. Of course I panicked that she was choking or couldn't breath as all I heard was retching and vomiting but then Alice let out a sad little whimper followed by a What-just-happened-to-me?! wail.

The light turned green and I pulled over to the side of the road so that I could get back there to comfort and clean her up as much as possible. Since Alice's car seat is still rear-facing and we don't have a mirror placed to be able to see her while driving, I didn't know how bad the vomit situation was. And, wow. It was bad. Like I didn't know such a small person was capable of producing such a large amount of puke! The poor girl was covered from head to toe. And so was the backseat of my car! As I wiped her little face off with my bare hands I realized I'd run out of the house with nothing but my wallet. No diaper bag. No wet-wipes. Nada! And our car had absolutely nothing I could use to sop up the mess. I felt terrible trying to explain this to her as I climbed back into the driver's seat and raced home. Surprisingly, after only a block or two, she started happily chatting away to herself, obviously feeling much better having just up-chucked her entire breakfast.

So that was fun start to our day!

Luckily this incident doesn't seem to have been caused by a stomach bug as Alice was her happy little self for the remainder of the day. And after a good scrub of my car and Alice's car seat, we were still able to make it to that birthday party.

I'm not entirely sure if her barf-o-rama was caused by the full-stomach-and-bumpy-car-ride combo or if it was finally the fruition of this fun little trick she's been doing lately where she intentionally sticks her fingers down her throat until she gags. Whatever the cause, hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon!   

   "Stop taking pictures, Mom! You're embarrassing me."

Any fun kid-in-car-vomit stories?!  Here's the thing about puke.... as much as and as thoroughly as you clean the area, every once in awhile, you get a whiff and are instantly reminded of what happened there.     


  1. Yes, I do have a story unfortunately.. It's the one time (knock on wood) Gus has vomited or even spit up... and it was gnarly. It was in the car, while he was rear-facing and a few months younger than Alice. He had just started solids and had eaten a whole banana earlier in the day. Six hours after the banana feast we walked into Chipotle and (it was dark outside) I looked down to see Gus COVERED in vomit. Then when we got home the second we sat his car seat in the living room and I started to clean him up....projectile vomit. MAY IT NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. (knocking on wood like a crazy person)

  2. Oh no the vomit is awful, isn't it? And just be warned, if you get any of it on your hands you'll smell like vomit for ages, that stuff seeps into your skin! We have had many vomit experiences with Lulu. She was prone to spit up as a little baby & now it seems that curvy or bump roads also make her spit up. Fingers crossed that she'll grow out of it and fingers crossed for you that this is the first and only time for Alice! Babies sure do have a knack of causing a mess the one time you forget to pack anything, somehow they just know!

  3. Wow, that sounds yucky! Glad she wasn't sick!, Just "Car Sick". Love the expressive face of Ms Alice in that last picture. She's trying to tell you something! xoxo


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