Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everyone Out!

 Water baby. Jan '13.

Since our weekends have been a bit boring as of late, we decided to mix it up last Saturday and take Alice to the pool.  Alice has been to the pool twice in her little life and both times she loved splashing and kicking around in the water.  We were excited to try out this pool near our apartment and then maybe start making pool dates a regular part of our weekends.

So we get to the pool, we get changed and we get in the water.  It was open swim and specifically a kids' swim so we felt right at home taking our excited and squealing 10-month old in with all the other kids and parents.  Lee and I took turns playing with Alice, bobbing up and down, trying to teach her to float on her back like those twins (she was not a fan) and we both loved spending time together and seeing her so happy in the water.  About fifteen minutes into our pool time, we noticed parents and kids getting out and then we heard the lifeguard asking everyone to exit the pool.  We got out and stood on the side wondering what was going on as we'd never been to this pool before.  As we were standing there, the lifeguard was walking towards us and heard us wondering what was happening.  And this is what happened next:

Me:  Ya, I'm not sure what's going on.  Maybe they need everyone out so they can count the number of people in the pool?
Lee:  Ya, maybe. (Lifeguard walks up)
Lifeguard (smiling):  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Someone threw up in the pool and I need to clean it out and add a chemical to the water and then you guys can get back in.  (Lee and I look at each other)
Lee:  Okay then!  Ready to go?!

And then we left!  Not that I think public pools are the pillar of cleanliness but how could we have gone back in the water after that?!  Yuck.

   "You want me to get back in THAT water?!"

Any bad public pool experiences?  Do tell.  Actually, maybe I don't really want to know....


  1. Ewww. I would not have been able to get back in either. I don't have any great stories.. I think yours is enough! :)

  2. The sign that reads: _OOL etiquette. Remember there is no "P" in the pool. That's why there is tons of chemicals in public pools to kill the "p" in the pool.

    I hope she had fun, even if it was only for a few minutes. Next time will be better for sure. xoxo

  3. Gross! Ha, ha! At least you had fun for a few minutes! That picture of Alice is great.


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