Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Civic Duty.

Views of Boston from the top of the Pru. November 2011.

I might be the only person in history to have been disappointed that my jury duty service was canceled.  I'd gotten a summons to serve and my appointment was for today.  But late yesterday afternoon I received an email telling me I'd been relieved of my duties.  Damn it.  I was sort of looking forward to spending the day in the big city sans baby.

Have you ever served on a jury?  I did when I lived in L.A.  Drunk driving case.  Five-day trial.  We convicted him.  And I actually enjoyed seeing the whole legal process in action.


  1. i felt the same way when my case was dismissed after only waiting 30 minutes. a bit bummed! however, kinda fun to have a day off already (jp was watching mo) to take my time getting home ;)

  2. I've been summoned for jury duty 3 times! Each time, I was unable to serve because I had no one to watch the kiddos. But I was slightly disappointed. I am so curious...

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures of Boston. Such a beautiful place.

    I've served in a robbery case. I was made jury foreman. It was only for 1 day. Case was presented, witnesses testified, jury met. We finished around 4pm. Verdict QUILTY.

    One other case, I got to the courthouse, waited about 2 hrs, Judge came in, told us thanks for our willingness to help in the judicial system, case was settled, without having to hear any testimony.

    I'm sure you'll get your chance. It really was very interesting to see the whole process. xoxo

  4. I have been called but never chosen. One time I didn't have a car and just assumed i was being called to cambridge since that's where I lived, the night before I read the notice and it was actually in Ayer (which might as well have been mars to me!). I had to get a ride all the way out there and sit around all day only to be rejected from all the cases. For some reason my juror card always lists that I'm a member of Green Peace and the Sierra Club (they told me its not common to have notes in your juror card). I theorized that they always pigeon hole me as too liberal and that's why I never make the cut... that or my suspicious looks :)

  5. Those are some beautiful photos of Boston. My husband has visited but I haven't, it looks amazing.

    I've been through the selection process but not selected. I think it would be interesting to sit on a jury.


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