Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten Months.

Alice & Clifton doing their best blue steel.

Dear Love-Bug,

You are ten months old today!  You are growing and learning so quickly that we can hardly believe how big your body has grown and how quick your mind has become.  Before your bath last night Daddy held you on the scale and you are now just over 23 pounds!  Who knows how tall you are now but you still tower over kids the same age at your baby group.  Finally you've grown some hair and Daddy has a lot of fun giving you wacky hairstyles when combing it after bath time.  Mohawks and the comb-forward are his favorite looks!

Alice Bean, you are a very vocal baby.  When you are not happy you are quick to let it be known!  Meal times are always interesting as we never know what or if you are going to eat!  You now prefer to only feed yourself and, if we approach you with food on a utensil, you quickly shake your little head back and forth, trying to get as far away from that wretched spoon as possible.  On most days you gobble up any kind of fruit but will turn your little nose up at almost all vegetables.  Since you are growing like a weed there is no tricking you by saying that a lack of veggies will stunt your growth! 

You still have no interest in crawling and, when placed on your belly, you either squeal and kick in protest or you roll over and continue playing while on your back.  You walk easily with hands held or, if one of us isn't close by, you will walk the length of the couch all on your own.  Mommy doesn't let you fall often which means you have no fear of falling and have no idea what gravity is all about (and Mommy is learning to let you plop down even if it means a little noggin-bonk).  One of your favorite games is Find the.... whatever toy Mommy asks for.  You know how to find Mr. Squirrel, Wubs, and the shake, shake, shake!  In the bath you can pick out the cow, the pig, and the turtle!  When reading the sleep book you love to point to the owl and the mama and baby koala.  It is so amazing to watch your eyes scan for the asked item and then to see your face with that proud little look as you show Mommy you've found it.            

Much to your Dad's dismay, you first word isn't Dada or even Mama but.... CAT!  You can't quite pronounce the C but, whenever you see Big or Little Kitty wander past, you say your own version of the word which sounds like "Ha-ha-ha-HAT!"  It is so adorable and now neither Mommy nor Daddy can gloat about being named by your first word.

Alice Glen, you are a complete joy.  We love you so very much.

Mom & Dad.   

"I'm double-digits now, Mom!"


  1. Happy 10-months birthday, Alice! She is just the cutest, happiest little lady! Love to you guys!

  2. I love her funny faces. You used to pinch up your face and nose and "sniff". I think it was your Aunt Nancy who taught you that

    I love that she is "reading", she is soo... smart. And of course, beautiful. Love you 3 can't wait to see you. xoxo

  3. Happy 20 months, she is so adorable! She weighs almost as much as Wyatt too :) He's a very small guy, but lately he's been wanting to be carried everywhere so I'm grateful! It does make any food issues less worrisome when they're big kids though. Next up- walking!


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