Monday, December 3, 2012


Friday -  Bundled for an evening walk in the cold.  Alice snuggling her giant bear.  Teething + Tylenol.  Couch date party crasher (Big Kitty).

Saturday -  Alice's morning fix.  Mommy's morning fix.  Lunch = Honey-crisp apple, spinach and brie quesadilla with a side of sriracha.  Family run in the snow.

Sunday - Re-purposing recycling into a toy drum.  These pancakes!  Afternoon CrossFit workout.  Bedtime story with Dad.

We stayed mellow this weekend.  Lots of time at home.  How was yours?


  1. Man, I love a bundled up baby!

  2. She is so adorable bundled up so big like that. I am surprised you can still carry her forward facing. Wyatt was tiny, but I still had to switch to him facing me (ergo) at about 6 months because my back was killing me. She looks like she's enjoying it! And those quesadillas look too good.

  3. What a great relaxing weekend. I've tried your quesadillas... they were great. Love that you are using a container as a drum. I used to get out the pots and give you a wooden spoon. It was noisy, but certainly entertained you. xoxo


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