Friday, November 23, 2012


The sun is setting. The table is set. Thanksgiving 2012.

I'd say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The food. The wine. The people. The last few years we've spent this holiday at my Dad's house in Napa. That also might be why it is my favorite holiday. Just look at the view he wakes up to every morning!

We enjoyed an early evening Thanksgiving dinner with family and a few of my Dad's friends. My Dad cooked our turkey on the rotisserie on his grill. It was the best turkey I've ever had! Although the rotisserie didn't enjoy spinning that 16-pound bird for four hours and is now broken. All of a sudden that turkey just got a lot more expensive!

Another one of the reasons I love coming to Napa for Thanksgiving is there is always loud conversations and debates after dinner is finished and the wine continues to be poured. Politics. Religion. Sports. No topic is off limits. I love a good debate and, having had an election just a few weeks back, there was no shortage of policital things to talk about. I've learned that, to be a good debater, you have to go into the conversation with the intent to help the other person understand your position, not to come out as the winner.

But with a bunch of die-hard Republicans at the table, I'm not sure I changed anyone's views on anything political. I'm just glad my guy won another four years.

Do you like to debate? Definitely. As long as all involved are respectful of differing opinions, that is. Sore losers are the worst!


  1. Your Dad's apron made me laugh!! The view from his place is lovely. x

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I haven't seen your Dad, step mom and your sister in a long time. They look great!

    As I recall, your Dad loves to "argue", I guess you can call it a debate. He does like to "win"!

    Give little Alice a big hug and kiss from me! xoxo Mom

  3. What a great Thanksgiving! A beautiful view and great debates.

  4. I do love a good debate! Things were always heated at the dinner table when I was growing up, and even more so now that my brother has become so extremely anti-Democrat over the years. Now I honestly cannot even bring it up because we end up yelling at each other (while smiling, of course)!


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