Friday, November 9, 2012


Hi Grama!

Happy birthday yesterday!  Sorry I am a day late in writing this letter.  It is awfully hard to type when you are only seven months old!  Plus Mom is always hogging the computer.  At least that's what Dad says. 

I hope you had a really fun day yesterday.  Did you have some birthday cake?  Mom says you probably had a special coffee instead.  She won't tell me what is in your special coffee she just says it isn't for babies.  She says that about a lot of things around our house like her iPad, the remote control, and everything in the bathroom.  She says those things aren't toys but I say, why not?!   

Did you get my present yet?  I hope you like it.  When you look at it you can think about me all the way over here in Boston.

I love you, Grama!  Happy Birthday!



  1. absolutely adorable! i love the reference to "special coffee"!!

  2. Happy birthday to grandma! Alice is too cute with those teeth and the hat :)

  3. Oh what a great picture of Alice. Love the hat and smile. She is first and foremost very smart and second beautiful! Hope Grama from Canada loves the letter and picture from Ms Alice. It's perfect. xoxo

  4. Those little teeth are so cute! What a fantastic picture!


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