Thursday, November 8, 2012

Act Natural.

  She adores that goofy yellow ball. October 2012.

I've been a mom now for seven months and eighteen days.  Even though it's been more than half a year, I still have moments where I forget that I am a mom.  Not in a Oops, I forgot about my baby but more in a Oh ya. I'm a mom sort of way.  My brain must still be processing that role change or something.  One day, I wasn't a mom.  And then the next day, I was!  The act of mothering felt pretty natural from the beginning but the title of mother has been a bit harder to get used to.  I guess I imagined I'd feel different once I became a mom.  Like all of a sudden I'd feel more grown up.  More mature.  Less sarcastic.  More mom-like.

Whatever that means.  

But I still feel like me.  I just now have a kid in tow.  A really awesome kid who happens to resemble me a little bit. 

And that's the other thing!  Sometimes I just look at her and I'm like You're mine.  It just hits me that this is my kid.  Our kid.  She is ours forever.  It is both a totally awesome and totally overwhelming feeling all rolled into one.

Every day Alice is getting bigger.  Every day she seems to learn something new.  And every day I feel more comfortable calling myself a mom.

Did you personally feel different when you became a mother?  I guess I equate it to getting married and it feeling really weird to call Lee my husband.  Like one day he was my boyfriend.  And then the next day, he was my husband!  That title took some getting used to. 


  1. I'm with you, I just feel like me and sometimes nowhere near responsible enough to be in charge of another human being... but we've made it this far so we must be doing okay :)

    Wait until she starts walking around on her own and you are looking at this little independent person (that you made) from a distance... mind boggling!

  2. You are a wonderful mother. Yes, it's even hard for me to think that my daughter is a mother. Plus, me being a grandmother, it's pretty awesome too.

    I love the way Alice is so intent on picking up her ball and examining it. She is learning new things every day. Look at all the new hair, she's almost ready for a barrett in her hair. Enjoy! XO


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