Thursday, August 30, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake.

Through the looking glass. Georgetown Cupcake.    

Yesterday afternoon Alice and I had a mommy play date at the Public Garden.  We arrived downtown a bit early and I had a hankering for a cupcake.  Georgetown Cupcake recently opened a store on Newbury Street here in Boston and, as popular as I've heard their cupcakes are, it was surprisingly not busy during the lunch hour (I guess most people don't consider cupcakes lunch... silly people).  The layout of the store is a bit weird and you feel like you are stepping over people to place your order and to get your little pink box but the cupcakes are delicious so they are forgiven.

Remarkably I left Georgetown with only four cupcakes.  My style is usually to order six and then question my decision later.  And then I shared two.  I totally could've eaten more.  Sure glad I didn't order six.

Some people are over the whole cupcake phenom but not me.  What is your favorite cupcake flavor?  I used to be a red velvet girl but lately I'm digging the vanilla-on-vanilla birthday cupcake.  With rainbow sprinkles, of course. 


  1. i used to be OBSESSED with red velvet cupcakes until 1) someone told me beet extract was in it (i don't know why but this just turned me off to them even if it might not be true) and 2) i ate my weight in red velvet cupcakes so i'm sick of them now.

    my favorite is chocolate frosting on vanilla now ;)

  2. Yum! I love red velvet cupcakes because they aren't something I ever make so it's a nice treat when I'm out- plus cream cheese frosting is never bad!

  3. The cupcakes look delicious! Spice or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. My cupcakes I make at home never look that perfect. My icing just doesn't stand up like that, course I don't use a applicator, just a plain old knife to spread it around.

    Hhummm, maybe I'll make some this afternoon. xoxo

  4. Mmm I love cupcakes!! Red velvet is amazing but I also tried a peanut butter chocolate one when I was in NYC and it was to die for!

  5. Georgetown Cupcake! I did a double take when I saw this post! We came straight to St. Louis from Washington, DC 3 years ago and all during my pregnancy with Oliver, I would trek down to Georgetown for their coconut cupcakes which were totally amazing.

    But now I'm looking at yours and thinking they look pretty amazing too!

  6. The cupcakes look great. I can never go past chocolate as a flavour for anything.

  7. I love my cupcakes to have a candy or cookie surprise in them - like pb cups or oreos. Any combination of chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting is my favorite!


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