Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Alice's summer wardrobe. June 2012.

You know I am all about supporting small, American-run businesses.  So when I heard about this small and relatively new company called WittleBee located in my old stomping grounds of Santa Monica, I had to check them out.  Here's how it works... for $40 a month, WittleBee sends you age and season-appropriate clothing for your kid.  You fill out a questionnaire to help the stylist select the types and styles of clothing you are interested in and, a week or two later, a box shows up full of brand new adorable baby clothes.

How convenient!  How smart!

Alice's WittleBee box arrived yesterday and, I must say, I am super impressed.  She got two pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, a dress, a tank top, a cap-sleeved onesie, and two tank top onesies.  Oh.  And an adorable dragon monster.  All for $40!  One of the outfits is a super cute Luca Charles striped tank with matching pants that easily cost close to $40 just for the set.  And we got that plus so much more!

Alice and I can't wait to see what next month's box has in it!

And if you decide to order your own adorable WittleBee box, use this special link (http://curebit.com/x/dXCmY) to receive $10 off your first order.  Sweet!

Where do you buy your baby clothes?  How about your own clothes?  Alice has a lot of made-in-America basics from companies like American Apparel and Basic Brilliance and then cute complete outfits from Gap and Carter's.  As for me... I need a bit of a wardrobe makeover.  Now that I am a mom, some of my clothes just feel a bit juvenile.  Time for a shopping spree!


  1. Seriously SO neat!! I may or may not have looked at the website to sign up!! :)

  2. Very cool... It's like a suprise party every month. Alice will be rockin' a wonderful wardrobe. xo

  3. that is awesome! One of the bummer things about one income, though..is one income ;)What a great idea, though.

    Nolan's clothes are mostly from Carters and almost all gifts. I have bought him maybe 5 outfits!

    I thought dressing a boy would be boring, but Gymboree (on sale) has some awesome stuff.

  4. I love this! Such a cool concept. Have you heard of Birch Box?- more for mommies than babies!

  5. We're environmental so most of our clothes are bought 2nd hand. If we need a nice piece, like a good quality item, we buy new but otherwise it's all used, especially for the girls since they outgrow so much before they destroy it.

    I have to laugh because while my baby get's EVERYTHING second hand it's all from her sister so at least she knows who wore it last. ;)

    Lately I've started making some clothes too. I sewed each of the girls a dress for the baby's upcoming 1st birthday party. I'm very proud of them!


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