Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up at the Crack.

Breaking Dawn.

My consistency with working out over the last week sort of sucked.  Here's why... I'd get halfway through a living room workout and Alice would start to crank or would wake up from her nap.  Or we'd be out for a run and Alice would totally melt down while in the stroller, putting an end to my run.  After four days of not working out and my emotional mood as a result, I decided to change things up and work out first thing in the morning.  While Alice is still asleep.  Before my husband leaves for work.  

Just get it done.

So yesterday I woke up at 5AM (!!) to get a quick run and shower in before my husband left for work at 6:30AM.  Oh boy.  I was a groggy mess when my alarm went off.  But, whatever.  I grabbed my pile of clothes that I had laid out the night before, guzzled some juice, and headed out the door.  

I am so glad I did.  It was gorgeous!  And I arrived home as a happy mommy and was greeted by a smiley baby.  Perfect.

And then, of course, I took an afternoon nap.

When you are out for a run or walk, do you nod or say Good morning! or Hello! to other runners/walkers?  Maybe it's an East coast thing, but NOBODY says Hello! or Good morning! back to me here.  In Utah, everyone does!  So even though no one responds, I say it anyway.  I mean it's 5AM.  You're up.  I'm up.  Obviously we are either super crazy or super dedicated.  Let's at least acknowledge this with a friendly nod! 

Strava Stats:  Yesterday = 4 miles/34 minutes.  I am ranked third on one of the segments of this run with an 8:25 min/mile.  The chick in first is at a 7:52 min/mile.  Dude.  I am totally coming for you and your first place title, chick!  Today =  Pure Barre.  Feel the burn.


  1. I'm an East coaster and I say good morning to everyone I pass. Perhaps it's where your running. We Massachusetts people aren't always known to be friendly but Massachusetts runners are. Maybe they weren't awake yet! :-)

  2. Good for you on getting up that early to run. I'm struggling with getting up at 5:50am right now to feed my baby before a run. I dread the idea of getting up at 5am to run! So what did I do? I moved my start of the day at work from 7:30am to 9am so I can avoid it! :) Lucky for me my office missed me and are happy to let me do whatever I want!

    And sorry about the washing machine and freezer. That seriously sucks but you handled it much better than I would have. I would have cursed and yelled, a LOT!

  3. Since we moved I've hardly had any time to exercise & the jogging pram has the worst puncture so no running with the baby. I've been contemplating the 6am run or indoor workout but it's just so cold then. Guess I just have to buck up & do it. If you can get up at 5am then I can get up at 6am!

    I've been conducting an experiment when we're out walking, every aboriginal person I say hello to says hello back & will often comment on the baby, but hardly any white people say hello. I agree, the least you can do is acknowledge the other person.

  4. You are just being yourself when you greet other runners on your mornings runs. I'm sure you made an impression on them and they may say hi to the next person they run past. I'm usually pretty groggy in the wee morning hours. I'm not all smiley or the most pleasant person to be around at that time of day. I function much better a little later on. But I try and say hello, hi, or even a small grunt to walkers, runners and bikers no matter what time of day.


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