Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable Day.

We spent Memorial Day together.  Our little family of three.  We got up early (5AM.... thanks, Alice!) and spent the day walking the familiar streets of downtown Salt Lake City.  We had a small picnic lunch by the City Creek stream as we contemplated our futures and where we'd ultimately like to put down roots.  Like for good.  And this town seems like the best fit for us.  Our little family of three.
  1. Wells Fargo building.  Clouds.
  2. Afternoon lattes at The Rose.
  3. My horoscope.  So new-mommy appropriate!
  4. Lunch time view from Barbacoa.  They don't make burritos like this in Boston!
(Non) Garmin stats:  4 miles/?? minutes.  Run!  Run!  Run!  On one of my old running routes.  Downtown to the Captitol and back.  The mountains looked spectacular this morning.


  1. You pictures are getting me excited to be able to be in SLC for a month!! I know your mother would LOVE for you to be in SLC long term. I miss the place, but long term I don't know if I could handle the politics and having Dylan grow up in a place where there is so much prejudice when you are non-mormon. Good for you! Now... when do you get to go back for good??!

  2. That horoscope is so new mum appropriate. Since I am Aquarius as well, I'm going to adopt it :)

    It is such a hard decision to decide where to bring up your child. It might not even be the place you saw yourself living in, but the place that becomes the best place for you when you see it through a child's eyes. Which is how we ended up back in Alice Springs. Such a great place for kids & so much support from family & friends for us. Congrats on making the decision.

  3. Hmm, we get to CHOOSE where we live ?!? Ha-ha.

    When that day comes (in about 8 years, when Jason is retiring from the AF and he gets a civi job), it will obviously be where the jobs are.

    We love the west and hope it's Colorado. We fell in love with the mountains and climate. As you know, I just can't do that culture of Utah. I am thinking maybe Denver area.

  4. So glad you are getting to run in SLC and visit some old favorite haunts. Maybe, just maybe? SLC will be your home again! I can wish can't I. xo


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