Monday, April 2, 2012

Adventures in Diapering.

Dad's science experiment.

I may have mentioned before that we are not using traditional disposable diapers.  There are so many other options these days and, with our green lifestyle, it was important to us to find a solution to diapering our daughter other than using Huggies or Pampers.  I did a lot of research before Alice was born to figure out what kind of diaper would work best for us.  I also wanted to try cloth diapers as, after the initial investment, they end up being cheaper than their disposable counterparts.  Enter gDiapers!  These things are ingenious.  They take the best of both worlds (cloth and disposables) and integrate them together, giving you a few different options.  Here's the rundown:
  • gDiapers have a biodegradable/compost-able/or flush-able cellulose-based insert that fits into the reusable gPant so if washing poopy diapers isn't your thing or you want to use them when you are out-and-about or traveling,  you won't have to cart home dirty diapers or wash them in your washing machine!  Just flush.  Or compost.  Or toss in the trash (<-- and hope they biodegrade in the landfill).  We used these the first week or so with Alice and loved them.
  • gDiapers cloth inserts are ready to go!  No folding required.  Just plop them in the gPants and put them on your kid.  We're on day two of cloth inserts and, so far, so good.  
  • And last, but not least, gDiapers are adorable.  
Of course gDiapers isn't paying me to say this.  I believe in supporting companies and products that have our environment and the future of our planet in mind.  gDiapers seems to be one of the good guys.  And their product is pretty great.

Of note... there is a procedure you MUST follow when flushing the disposable insert.  The absorbent inside cottony-looking cellulose material MUST be dumped in the toilet first, swirled with the swish-stick so it sort of melts and THEN you can flush it.  I may or may not have skipped a step or two over the weekend and we had a clogged toilet on our hands in a matter of seconds.  Oooooops.  Nothing that a plunger, a toilet auger, and a handy husband couldn't fix.   

What are your thoughts on cloth vs disposable diapers?  I know it isn't realistic for everyone to use cloth diapers as they are a lot of work.  But what I love about gDiapers is that they have a more environmentally friendly disposable option so if cloth isn't your thing, you can feel good about not adding to the mound of petroleum-based diapers clogging up our landfills.


  1. We wanted to use cloth nappies (diapers), purchasing them before Lulu was born, but we haven't started to use them as yet. Your post (and the fact that they are working for you!) might be the guilty push we need to start using them.

    Alice looks so cute in those photos xx

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  3. I love cloth. Cute, cheaper,better for the environment,
    and better for my little ones skin.

    We do use sposies at night, though, since I can't
    find a way for them to not leak.

  4. I used cloth diapers with you. There weren't many good disposable diaper options when you were born, plus they were expensive. I didn't like swishing the dirty diapers in the toilet, then putting them in a diaper pail, which would smell. You would go through 10+ diapers a day. More loads of laundry and YES they had to be folded to fit the right way. There were plastic pants that would go over the cloth diaper too. Plus we had to use large diaper pins, which were also a problem if you scratched or poked the baby. Boy times have changed, I think for the better. xo

  5. We have this sprayer you hook on to the toilet, and it makes it super easy to spray off poop (when poop gets more substantial than newborn/breatmilk poop). It sprays fresh water, so you don't have to worry about sewage, etc. Want me to send it to you (if I can find it)? Also, once you get your diaper bag all set up, it's not too daunting to leave home... just make sure you have fresh diapers and a wet bag for dirty diapers in there before you go. Forgetting to restock has been my problem. XOXO


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