Friday, April 13, 2012

I got out of the house today! All alone! Just me. All by myself. And it felt super weird to not have Alice with me. I mean, she's been with me constantly for the last 3 weeks and, if you think about it, for the last 9 months. Sure, all I did was go to the grocery store for 35 minutes but it felt great to get in the car, roll the windows down and crank the tunes. And to not worry about feeding times or diaper changes or swaddling or whatever for just a few minutes. 

Of course Alice's afternoon nap didn't last, though, and I came home to my husband trying to calm a very cranky baby. And she's still cranky! Hence the reason I'm blogging via iPhone. Thank god for technology. 

Seriously. How much are newborns supposed to sleep? Alice is averaging 13 to 16 hours of sleep a day and I'm not sure it's enough! I've heard some newborns sleep up to 20 hours! And she seems to have a hard time falling asleep because she's too busy looking at stuff! I've resorted to putting a burp cloth over her eyes during pre-nap feedings (Jenn, yours are PERFECT!) but any other tips or advice?


  1. Sorry I can't give you any advice. My son was never a good sleeper. My husband and I went through tough times when he was little. Now, at 21 months, he sleeps through the night, but he still wakes up very earlier (around 5, 5:30am), once in a blue moon, at 7:00am.. But she is sleeping a good amount 16hs and she is only 3 weeks, right?

  2. I've read that they sleep 14-16 hours a day, but many of my friend's babies don't sleep during the day. Lulu sleeps really well during the day some days & not others, doesn't matter what I do, she has her own rhythm. Congrats on getting out by yourself :)

  3. Yay for burp cloths! Glad you like them!


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