Friday, February 10, 2012


Feb 6th, 2012. Beacon Street. Boston.

Now I know you saw this photograph earlier in the week.  But I am posting it again to enter the Poetic Winter Photo Contest as it seemed perfect for their winter theme of warmth.  Don't you think?  This little crocus is taking every ounce of warmth that the February sun is giving and is trying to beat the it's-still-winter odds and grow, grow, grow!  Good luck, little guy. 

I so love this time of year. 

What is your favorite season?  As much as I love fall, I still have to go with spring for my favorite season.  The feeling of everything fresh and new and growing... the feeling that warm weather is just around the corner.  Love it.


  1. I would have to say spring or summer...I love the fresh air, the colors, and the warm weather!

  2. This is lovely, I absolutely can't wait to see flowers pushing their way up out of the winter earth where we live. It'll be a little while yet though I think!

    Thanks for taking part in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge :)

  3. Oh, how that makes me yearn for the warmth of spring <3 hope of seeing views like that for at least another 2 months, though :-( A beautiful, happy capture!

  4. What a clever example for warmth! I'm rooting for it too! :) Thanks so much for joining the Poetic Winter Challenge!

  5. Wonderful! It is turning warm enough to have the bulbs sprout. Great capture.~

  6. Love this shot, I can't wait to see the crocus's around here!!!! I love spring and summer for the warm sunshine and toes in the grass, but I think that fall is my favorite, not as much rain and the perfect temps!!!

  7. What a lovely photo! And I'd have to agree with you about spring. I'm counting down the days!

    Thanks so much for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge. We're moving on to a new theme on Friday, Warmth. Hope you'll stop by and join us again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)


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