Monday, February 6, 2012


Today I went for a walk in the warm, spring-like weather.  It was gorgeous out with clear skies, bright sun, and warm southwesterly winds.  It feels nothing like February here.  And I am perfectly okay with that.  While walking, I caught glimpses of spring peaking through the dirt... tiny examples that winter's grasp is loosening for good.  I hope it is for real.  It would be such a mental blow to get pummeled with snow after such glorious spring-y weather.  I am well aware that it could happen, though.  But I am crossing my fingers that it won't. 

We had our birthing class yesterday and, I have to say, I am really glad we did it.  I feel much more knowledgeable and relaxed about what we will go through in delivering this wee-one.  Sure.  I am a nurse and, at some point in nursing school, I learned about all of this stuff but that was a long time ago.  And I am pretty sure as soon as I finished my labor and delivery rotation I gladly forgot all of that information to make room for what I would ultimately do as a nurse which is critical care and emergency nursing.  My brain can only hold so much information, you know.

The instructor was great.  There were birthing videos (and graphic ones at that).  There was interaction with the other couples.  We practiced techniques for an easier (ha!) labor.  Overall I feel more prepared, more knowledgeable, and even more excited for D-Day to get here. 

If you are a parent, did you take a birthing class prior to delivery?  There was a touching story in our class... a young woman with an older female friend were part of our group and we assumed they were mother and daughter.  As we separated from the men for a girls-only discussion she shared with us that she would be giving the baby up for adoption but that she wanted to be prepared and do everything she could to safely bring that baby into the world for the adoptive parents.  How brave of her!  Of course I almost cried.  What a strong woman to do that and what a wonderful gift she is giving to those people.


  1. I never did a birthing class with either kid... Dylan I had one scheduled, but delivered 3 weeks early. Adriana was scheduled! I am SO excited for you guys (in case I haven't said it before) and can't wait to see what the wee one looks like!

  2. Wow it really does look like spring over there! We are having pretty mild temperatures in Toronto too lately. So strange, but I'm definitely not complaining! I've never been to a birthing class so I don't have any words of wisdom or inspiration haha. I was just catching up on your last few posts and your belly is so cute!!!

  3. Yep yep yep. I would have cried.

    My ex-husband and I did take one class before the birth of my first. It was informative, but I also have an OB nurse for a mom, so I got most of my applicable info from her!


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