Monday, February 27, 2012

Thoughts on the weekend.

Last day of work.  Anticipation!  Nine Zero.  California King.  Room 1806.  Relaxation.  Foot rubs.  Comfy robes.  Room service.  No T.V. weekend.  Sleeping in (6:30AM!).  Window shopping.  Lunch out.  Afternoon naps.  Leisurely strolls.  Hand-holding.  Whipping wind!  Dinner out.  No. 9 Park.  Rose sparkling wine.  East Coast Halibut.  Bete Noire.  Dessert wine (just a sip!).  Deep conversation.  Imagining our daughter.  After dinner coffee.  George Clooney.  Snuggling.  Staying up late.  Dessert #2.  Braxton Hicks.  Sleeping in (7AM!).  Check out.  Back to reality.

Our weekend away is over.  And it was just what we needed.  When we got home we dove head first into a bunch of things needing to get done.  There may have been some bickering.  The car seat is in!  The diapers are stuffed!  The laundry is done!  The cupboards are stocked!  The crib still isn't built!  But we'll get to that.  Soon, I hope.

How was your weekend?  And who is ready for spring?   In a word, delightful.  And there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  No bueno.


  1. Snow is good for you!! The lower the barametric pressure the bigger the possibility of you delivering early!! :) Looks like a fabulous weekend, a little jealous, but I am glad you had a good time... you need the pampering before baby comes...which I am in total anticiapation for!! (Don't look at the fact that I can't spell!)

  2. Oh I was on pins and needles thinking about what you were up to this weekend! What a nice surprise. It sounds like you got to relax and unwind a bit before buckling down for baby!

    And that is crazy- you don't even look pregnant in that middle picture! You're going to go back so fast, I think!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I like the idea of a "babymoon" to get away and relax as a couple just before the baby comes.

    I know three babies that were born last week. You're next!

  4. Wow you're prepared! We didn't even have a car seat when it happened. Don't worry too much about the crib, just relax. Luella is far too small for her crib & will sleep in her pram in our room for the next few weeks.

    Oh, & spend some time reading about post birth stuff (caring for the baby, what will happen to your body etc). I hadn't got to that stage of the pregnancy books & it was a bit of a shock. Day 3, 4 & 5 were really tough with trying breast feeding (torture, worse than the birth, I'm now just expressing & bottle feeding her the expressed milk, but we didn't change to that till day 4) & my body feeling like crap. My face, hands, legs, hands & feet swelled so big, it was awful. So make sure you get plenty of photos of you with the baby on day 1 and 2 incase the swelling happens to you. I wish I had more from the first few days.

    That being said, it is wonderful to finally have our little baby, she's perfect.

    Sending best wishes


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