Monday, January 30, 2012

Touring Mansions.

My birthday weekend is over.  I hated to see it come to an end!  On Saturday we went on a little adventure to Newport, Rhode Island, to see the famous gilded mansions that were built there by some ridiculously wealthy Americans over 100 years ago.  Wow.  Those things are no joke.  Unfortunately they don't allow photography inside the mansions but, let me just say, they are pretty unbelievable.  We toured The Breakers Mansion that was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt and, good god, those people lived like royalty.  And The Breakers was only their summer home!  If you have the chance, I recommend going to Newport and exploring these architectural behemoths.    

We walked along the paved path near the rocky cliffs, marveling at the backyards of the homes and enjoying spectacular ocean views.  It was brisk and windy but that didn't stop a few surfers from braving the cold ocean waters and catching some waves.  After walking along Bellevue Avenue, we headed back to Boston for a delicious dinner at The Fireplace.

There were no cupcakes.  But there were donuts.  With three delicious dipping sauces.

So basically it was a wonderful 33rd birthday.

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  1. I love exploring places like that!

    Oh. And tag. You're it. :)


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