Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shadow Bump.

I haven't been out walking for awhile.  A couple of reasons have kept me indoors... too tired, too cold, too much sciatic pain.  But yesterday was gorgeous.  So out I went.  And I listened to a This American Life episode while I walked.  It was invigorating.  

While I was walking I glanced over at the shadow my body was casting on the sidewalk and the buildings and the road and, the first time I saw it, I did a double-take.  Like, whoa.  I am really pregnant.  Like it is totally obvious now.  And probably has been for awhile.  I guess after 20 or so years of looking a certain way, it's a bit shocking to see my body with a protruding belly.  And protrude it does.  

Our little wee one has taken up a comfortable side-lying position in my abdomen (called a transverse lie).  While her position is wonderful for the tiny punches and mini kicks (no painful rib jabs or kidney hits, just gentle belly taps), it is not so wonderful for delivery.  But she has time.  Plenty of time to get her head in the the game and get head down for D-day.  Let's hope she cooperates or it will be the knife for me.   

Ugh.  Did you have a less than optimum baby position before delivery?  Did your baby get it together and get in the right position?  My doctor isn't concerned.  She says they can reposition themselves all the way up to the day of delivery.  Let's hope.  A C-section recovery just isn't in my post-baby plans.


  1. I hesitate to even tell you Izzy's position when I was in labor with her. I got induced after being a week overdue. I labored for 24 hours, pushed for 3 and when she just wasn't coming...a c-section it was. Turns out she had gotten stuck in the birthing canal and lost a lot of oxygen (some time in the NICU after ensued) because the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around her arm twice (still a barely visible mark there) and then her neck. Much more pushing and it's possible she would have lost all air. Very thankful my mom was/is head of the NICU my kids were born at because it gave me a sense of calm to be talked through what was happening by someone I trusted the most.

  2. This is such an original way to take portrait shots! very artistic!!

  3. You have time, don't worry just yet. If she stays transverse, check out there is also some acupunture techniques that can help.

    IF, and only IF you need a c section, I will say the recovery hasn't been that terrible, physically. I am 6 weeks out and back to normal pretty much. I can start doing abs and working out anytime now. I think the worst part was the emotional recovery, but that is also because it was unexpected.

  4. you look adorable! and fingers crossed for NO c-section! that's one (of several) things that terrify me about labor. not so much the c-section itself but the recovery.


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