Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Made in America: Beer!

Still looking for a last-minute gift for that ridiculously hip man in your life?  Check out these super awesome, made-in-America beer growlers.  These growlers are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon out of local clay and are made to look like the Kentucky bourbon jugs of old but with hip new parts like the bike sprocket handle and a sexy satin-grey finish.  Growlers keep beer from the tap fresh for a few days so you can enjoy your favorite micro brew from the comfort of your own home or backyard or neighborhood BBQ.  And you'll look bad-ass carrying it around.  Because, you know, it's all about looking bad-ass.

Do you own a beer growler?  We do.  And we filled it all the time when we lived in SLC.  But ours are glass (lame!).  And they don't have the resealable rubber lid (super lame!).  And, for some reason, we left them in SLC (totally lame!).  I'll have to order a few for our place here in Boston.  But I guess I should research the nutty liquor laws here in Massachusetts to see if I can even get my growler filled at the micro-breweries!  After our wine faux pas a few weeks back, I'm skeptical.       

Have you joined in on the buying American trend this holiday season?  It is totally catching on, and I love it!!

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