Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fluffy & White.

It is the first official day of winter.  The shortest day of the year!  And it is 54 degrees and sunny in Boston.  Crazy.  I remember this time last year being so cold and so miserable.  And we'd just moved here.  It was rough.  But I am not naive and I know that snowy and cold days aren't far away so I will enjoy this rare sunny and warm day as best I can.

I snapped these photos with my iPhone while on a walk this morning.  This is the only fluffy and white stuff around these days.  Although there is talk of snow flurries on Christmas Eve so maybe we will have a white Christmas after all.

That would be nice.

Will it be a white Christmas (if you celebrate) or a white Sunday (if you don't) for you this year?  As the Magic 8-Ball would say, "The outcome does not look good." 

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