Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Piglet. Mousetrap.

We had a wonderful time wandering San Francisco yesterday.  We got off the ferry right around lunchtime so we headed straight to a delicious lunch spot called The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.  Last time I was in San Francisco, my sister brought me here after her morning spin class because what better way to finish a work out than with a grilled cheese?!  I had the Piglet.  Lee had the Mousetrap.  Both were delicious (mine was better).

After lunch, we continued wandering the City.  We walked to Union Square, we strolled up steep hills in Little Italy, and eventually we made it back to the Embarcadero where we had an afternoon snack before boarding our ferry back to Sausalito.  An ice cream sandwich from Miette made with homemade graham crackers and creme fraiche ice cream?  So good.

This morning Lee woke up early to do some work and I headed outside for a brisk walk to work off some of the vacation eating I've been doing.  I found some public stairs that climbed up the hillside and ventured into the steep million-dollar neighborhoods.  The views from up there were spectacular!  The sun was just coming up over the San Francisco Bay, coloring everything a beautiful pink.  I can't imagine owning a home there and waking up to that view every morning.  What a life!

We're on to the next leg of our vacation before venturing back to Boston.  Later today we'll be in a new city.  My favorite city.  Salt Lake City.  It will feel good to be home.

When traveling, do you prefer to stay in hotels or bed & breakfasts?  If we are in a small town or city, I like to stay in bed & breakfasts.  I love the quaint, home-y feel of staying in a small inn and the breakfast is usually better than what you get in a hotel offering the same.  Plus, bed & breakfasts are usually locally owned and operated, which (of course) I am obsessed with supporting.  Support locally-owned business!


  1. Such beautiful photos! What a relaxing little adventure you guys had :) When traveling I love staying at cozy little Bed and Breakfast places! Those are always the cutest

    Congrats on baby #1!!

  2. San Francisco is my favorite city! Those grilled cheese sound insane - but that graham cracker and creme fraiche ice cream sandwich just blew my mind. Definitely tracking that down next time we visit.

    I've never stayed at a bed and breakfast before but it sounds lovely!


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