Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sicky Sick.

I'm achey.  And coughy.  And phlegmy (sorry).  And chilly.  And headachey.  And miserable!  I'm convinced I picked up this sickness while working in Pediatrics last week.  Those kids!  They're so germy!  And you're all up in their space putting in IVs and doing procedures so, even though I was wearing a mask and gloves, it's hard to avoid those bugs creeping into your body.  I felt it coming on yesterday while at work (in Pediatrics!!) and knew that today I'd be calling in 'sick.'  Now I'm spending the day on the couch, wrapped up in a patchwork quilt, drinking tea and trying to will this sickness out of my body.  Not even my crappy reality TV is making me feel any better!

What are your go-to remedies to help you feel better when you're sick?  This bug I have isn't the sore throat/runny nose/sneezey variety.  It's the deep-down, feels-like-you're-going-to-cough-up-a-lung and that you've-been-hit-by-a-truck variety.  Don't worry.  I'm being smart.  I know the symptoms to look for that will take me to the doctor (and I already googled the shit out of 'pneumonia during pregnancy').  So far, hot herbal tea, a teensy bit of Tylenol, and macaroni & cheese have been saving me.


  1. Yuck. Get better soon! Everybody's coughing at my house today...hate it!

  2. Yikes! Hope you're feeling better very soon!

  3. UGH!! Mine is still lingering! Ginger root juice. It's gross but it helps!


  4. First, feel better.

    Second, the phrase, "googled the shit out of _______" is freaking hilarious!


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