Thursday, October 6, 2011

the color of thursday.

This is the color of Thursday.  Interesting combination.  It has some excitement to it as Thursday is almost Friday but there is still some dreariness lingering from Monday.  This website will create a color for any word you wish.  Wonder what the color of Utah would be?  Or how about newborns?  Of course those were the colors I was curious about.  Wonder how they create these colors?  I did.

"This is a system created to find out the colour of anything, by querying and aggregating image data from Flickr, a popular online photo sharing community. It is an attempt at answering a potentially complex and abstract question in an objective manner, by using simple algorithms on data originating from subjective human perceptions." 

Go to this site and enter a word.  What was the word?  Did you expect the color it came out to be?  If you look closely at the 'Utah' color, you can see the University of Utah football team in silhouette.  And thanks to Vanessa for blogging about this today!   Of course I wasted at least 15 minutes thinking of words to enter to create new colors.  Of course!


  1. that looks super fun. It didn't work for me ): I'll have to try when I get home. Maybe something is blocked on my work computer!

  2. I guess the color of Friday would be a splash of happy colors? I've to go check out this site :)

    have a joyous weekend! TGIF


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