Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Adventure Sunday

We had a mini-adventure today.  While I was sleeping after my night shift, Lee went on a bike ride in the 'burbs of Boston.  When he got home, I was just waking up... and he said to me, 'Guess what?  I lost my driver's license.'  He'd had it in his back pocket of his bike jersey and, while pulling his phone out to check directions, it must've fallen out (I know the feeling).  So he was like, 'Call me crazy, but... do you want to go look for it with me?'  He was optimistic we could find it as he only stopped 3 or 4 times to check his phone for directions in the 3+ hours he was out there riding so he was pretty sure he could pinpoint where it fell out.  The first place we stopped.... nothing.  The second place we stopped?  There it was... all alone, face down and squished into the pavement.  But we found it!  Other than a few tire marks, it was as good as new.  And we got to spend a nice Sunday afternoon driving back roads, admiring the huge estates, and seeing small lakes through the blur of trees (and now Lee won't be spending half a day at the DMV getting a new license). Win, win!


  1. Ha! That's awesome. I would have looked all day to avoid the Boston DMV!!

  2. I am with Thisisme on the Boston DMV. Worth every moment!

  3. Oh. This is awesome. Ryan loses EVERYTHING. No joke. This year alone he's lost his entire wallet once, his keys twice, his phone SIX times and his ipod once. Heading back to find an id is totally something we would do. How awesome that you found it!!


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