Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whole(some) Food.

This is some of what we ate today.  We eat a lot.  And we spend a lot.  Whenever I go to the grocery store (usually Whole Foods), I always think to myself... 'Okay.  I'm only going to get what we need, which should be about $50.'  Um, no.  I can't seem to leave that place without spending at least $100.  What do I get?  Who knows.  But it's all relatively healthy and, for the most part, we eat it all so I guess that's okay.

Eating healthy isn't cheap as organic food is significantly more expensive.  But we buy organic because we believe in the concept.  Healthy food.  Healthy you.  Healthy world.  Right?   

Have you seen the show 'Extreme Couponing'?  I think it is pretty awesome how much money those people save on groceries but... have you looked in their carts?  They're buying crap!  All processed, boxed, packaged, canned, or frozen food!  No fresh fruits or fresh vegetables.  I'm totally not getting on my soap box right now as I know there are people that can only afford to eat by using coupons... I get that.  But, from a nutritional standpoint, all those 'couponed' foods are pretty bleak!  There has been a huge surge in locally grown food and farmer's markets making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable.  Roadside fruit and vegetable stands or your local Saturday farmer's market are great places to pick up produce directly from the source... from the farmer that grew them.  Become more connected to your food.  Make an effort to buy things that have been grown (and made) in your community!

Do you grow your own food or buy from farmer's markets?  I decided against my container garden for this year.  I want to garden so badly... but this just isn't the year to start.  I want a yard.  I want a piece of earth.  I want to get my hands dirty (it'll happen someday).  So, instead of a container garden, we're going to find a farmer's market in Boston and buy buy buy our produce from local farmers.  I love farmers.  Farmers = Rock Stars.

Non-Garmin stats: Nike Training Club.  'Get Lean' and 'Leg Sculptor.'  Love is an understatement.  NTC and I are having a full-blown affair on 'running.'  And we don't feel bad about it.  Thanks for helping me define my abs and lift my butt.  Lee thanks you, too. 

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