Thursday, June 30, 2011

Therapeutic Thursday.

Do you ever have one of those days where everything you do just does wonders for your well-being and your soul?  I do.  Today was one of those days (actually it started last night)... 
  • Therapeutic dinner:  I had a wonderful dinner with a wonderful person last night.  Great food, great drinks, great conversation.  It was just the night I needed.  Thanks, C!
  • Therapeutic run:  No Garmin.  No music.  No distractions.  No pressure.  Just me, my thoughts, the birds, and the sound of running shoes striking the pavement.  Wonderful.
  • Therapeutic massage:  I had a BuyWithMe for a massage.  It was soooooo relaxing.  My muscles melted during the 75 minutes.  I left feeling realigned and rejuvenated (and taller). 
  • Therapeutic shopping:  I've wanted another pair of Top Sider's for a while now.  I'd toyed with getting a pair of TOMS instead (Christina, you inspired me).  I tried on the TOMS, though, and I felt like my feet looked like a Muppet.  So I went with a pair of hot pink canvas Top Sider's.  Practical color?  Not really.  Great for summer?  You bet!
  • Therapeutic food:  The Farmer's Market was off the hook today.  I got all the usuals (fresh fish, tomatoes, mixed greens, strawberries) but this week there was even MORE great stuff.  Wine!  Raspberries!  Bleu cheese!  And why does an open-faced sandwich just taste so much better than a traditional sandwich?   
What is something that rejuvenates you?  Running, definitely.  Nature.  A cup of coffee and a good book.  And my husband.

What is your favorite sandwich?  My all-time favorite sandwich, in a math equation just for fun... (toasted bread + mayo + garden fresh tomatoes + S&P) x open-faced = amazing. 

Non-Garmin stats: 4 miles/32-ish minutes + TRX.  My run was so relaxing.  I watched the geese.  I gazed at the water.  I focused on my breath.  Man, I love running. 


  1. Running, of course. And dinner each night with my husband. Seriously my 2 favorite parts of each day: AM run and PM dinner. If only that whole work thing in between would go away.

  2. Um I love Sperry's just as much. I have 3 pairs - metallic plum, metallic gold, and just the original tan ones. I love the hot pink!! I know what you mean about the TOMS. I thought they were weird at first too but now I am obsessed with them. Trust me, they will grow on you and you will get a pair in no time!

    Running and reading for me. Let's me get away and sink into something deeper, away from any influences.

    I thought I was the only one who ate tomato sandwiches. As a kid my mom would ask me what I wanted for breakfast and I would say "a toasted tomato sandwich"! No cereal for this girl! I still do it up the same way as you, except no mayo. I usually toast 2 slices of Ezekiel bread, pile on the tomatoes, sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper and I'm in heaven!

  3. I'm still not sure why I miss your posts. Irritates me because your posts are so calming to me...such small doses of happiness or pondering or pictures that make me feel calm. So your blog rejuvenates me really. So does getting away to the book store, drinking a coffee and not having kids with me!


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