Friday, June 24, 2011

Secret Underground Dinner Party.

TGIF.  (Side note... are any of you old enough to remember the 'TGIF' programming on ABC back in the '90s?  'Full House.'  'Mr. Belvedere.'  'Just The 10 of Us.'  That was MY Friday night as a kid!).  I digress.  No really.  Thank god it's Friday.  And thank god I am off the weekend (and Lee is, too).  Plans?  We have a few of 'em.  But what I'm most excited for?  A dinner party with a group of complete strangers!

I subscribe to UrbanDaddy.  I get daily updates of the happenings in major cities (Boston, NYC, L.A., SFO).  New restaurants, new bars, new hotels, exclusive events.  It's a good way to get introduced to new and cool and hip places in cities with so many options to dine/stay/party.  So when I got an UrbanDaddy about an 'underground dinner party in Boston by invitation only' I was intrigued.  So we're going tonight.  There will be food (locally sourced!).  There will be wine (duh).  There will be entertainment (The Boston Typewriter Orchestra... I am not even kidding).  There is even a secret location (I just got the deets this A.M.).  A full review to follow.

What are you most excited for this weekend?  Dinner.  Drinks.  Dessert.  Repeat.

Garmin stats:  3 miles/23 minutes.  And then some TRX.  Watch out!!  I'm getting rrrrrrrripped!!!


  1. TRX is amazing! And I love that photo of you!!

    I'm looking forward to my BF's birthday tomorrow! We don't really have anything planned...he hates celebrating his birthday. But we get to spend the day together so either way, it will be fun :)

    And yes, my shoes are Nike Frees. I have two pairs and love them so much. I don't do too much long distance running in them because they're not super supportive. For shorter distances and for plyos/skipping/working out, they are fantastic.

  2. PS - I got you photo. THANK YOU! You look so cute in it! I can't wait to put this post together! I'm just waiting on a few slacking bloggers!


  3. The underground dinner sounds so fun! I watched a documentary about a secret locally sourced meal like this before, and it was awesome!

  4. You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks


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