Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear devoted blog readers (all 3 of you),

Hello there!  Maybe you've already clicked on this particular blog entry and the above picture is the same but the topic has changed!  Well, if that's the case... then lucky you!  You were privy to my initial blog from earlier today before it got censored.  No big deal.  I'm a share-er.  That's just me.  But the person who 'censored' me isn't.  And that's okay.  I'm generally a bit 'TMI.'  Just ask the grocery store clerk/random stranger on the street/mailman/frozen yogurt shop cashier.  They all practically know my life story.   I sometimes just can't help myself.

So there you have it.  I've been 'bleeped.' :-)

the girl who shares too much!

Garmin stats: 4 miles/31 minutes.  Just a teeny-little-super-guy run.  Just what I needed.  Then some NTC 'Leg Sculptor' & 'Arm Definer.'  Also just what I needed.


  1. Damn...wish I had the internet to see the original post!! ;)

  2. crapppppp i am just catching up now! what did i miss????? :)

  3. Now I want to know the censored material. :) I'm loving your new sleek blog look. Your list cracked me up.

  4. i am dying to know why you were censored!!!


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