Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And now I get it.

(6 A.M. at the bus stop never looked so good.)

This city is all abuzz.  And it's going to go berserk at 8 p.m. tonight when the puck drops and the Bruins take on the Canucks for the Stanley Cup.  I plan to be far, faaaaaar away from downtown Boston tonight as I'm sure (either win or lose) this city will go ape-shit after the game ends.  Good luck to all my fellow co-workers in the E.R. tonight!

I realized something yesterday.  I realized that I am still living in the future.  I still have one foot back in Salt Lake City.  And it isn't healthy.  We talked a lot about it over the weekend and we've decided we're here in Boston for a while.  Like 5-10 years.  Maybe longer.  And (truly) I'm okay with that but I need to let go of my love for SLC and realize that we won't be living there for awhile.  It's not going anywhere.  There are direct flights from Boston to Salt Lake.  Our friends will (hopefully) not forget us.  We will be back in the Beehive State someday.

Non-Garmin stats:  Nike Training Club.  'Get Lean' and 'Shoulder Ripper.'  It burns so good.        


  1. I love the picture! The sky looks perfect and so blue! I know what you mean. I love Savannah, GA so much sometimes I am wishing that we could just move there (it is where I went to college) SLC is beautiful as well. My husband is from there but doesn't feel the need to ever go back. He says we will never ever leave NYC. HHHmmm....ok for now I guess ;) (but when we retire I say we are moving to GA!)


  2. How can I ever forget you? I think about you everyday! We'll always be friends no matter where we live. XOXO


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