Friday, May 13, 2011

Sanely insane.

Garmin stats: 5 miles/ 38min 30sec. This week I'm orienting to the psychiatric area of the ER and, let me just say, nothing makes you want to go for a run after work more than 12 hours of that!! So I did a quick run around the reservoir at dusk. Beautiful (and sanity has been restored)!


  1. the fact that ER's now have psychiatric area is quite sad and scary. Good for you braving that! Happy you have runs to turn to! (;

  2. Hope you feel de-stressed after your run--great job!

  3. Nice pace girl! And yes, perfect stress relief!

  4. I'm sure you needed the relief! How do you stay sane working with the insane? Or maybe it makes you realize just how sane you really are even when you feel rather insane? :)


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