Saturday, May 7, 2011


I biked to work on Friday and it was life-changing.  Life-changing in the fact that it increased my like for living in Boston exponentially.  This city is pretty bad-ass.  And totally gorgeous at 6 A.M. (and other hours, too).  And I arrived to work and home from work completely invigorated as opposed to my usual 'meh' mood.  I plan to bike commute at least one day a week... maybe more if my bum can handle it.  

I feel like I'm in a blogging funk.  Not sure why.  I just don't feel like I have much to say lately.  I might just post photos for a bit.  Or not.  I just feel like I've been short on time with all the travel and work and 'life' that has been happening lately.  Lee is going out-of-town again next week for work and I have a couple of days off so maybe having more time to myself will inspire me.  Who knows.  

If you're a blogger, do you ever feel uninspired to blog?  Yep.  

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