Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here I go again.

I know it doesn't look drastically different... but it feels amazing! I love having a fresh hair cut with no split ends in sight! It was funny, I ran into an old friend from high school (happens ALL the time in this town) and she was at the salon getting her 4-ish year old's hair cut. And guess what? Her daughter and I ended up with pretty much the same hair cut. And I'm okay with that. I don't know what it is... but I love having bangs (even though they're a ton of maintenance). Do I look like a 5 year old? Sort of, yes.

Oh man. It's tough being back in SLC. I miss it so much. And yet, something just doesn't quite feel right. I know you're probably sick of hearing me be all melancholy about where I live but I just feel so transient... and it sucks. Boston doesn't feel like home. L.A. didn't feel like home. Does Salt Lake? I don't really know. I can see us raising our kids here for sure but I worry about the lack of diversity and the strong political and religious holdings (neither of which we belong to) but maybe that is a reason to move back here. To help diversify the place! To help bring different viewpoints into the mix! Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I feel like there is potential. And it certainly has all the other things that are important (access to the outdoors, family-centered, beautiful and vibrant downtown).

I know eventually we will move back here. I sort of wish that were going to be sooner rather than later... but we're doing great things in Boston. Things that will allow us to move back here and live a great life. Until then, we're living in a pretty awesome city. And I'll make the most of it. And I know I'll be sad when we move away from Boston someday. But mostly, I'll be happy to be moving home.

How much caffeine do you drink in a day? Do you try to limit yourself? I've had 2 lattes and an Arnold Palmer (plus one refill) today. I'm jittery! But I sort of like it!

Non-Garmin stats: Still no running yet. Will run this weekend FO' SHO! Instead? Today we played golf... and now I'm off to yoga. Hopefully that equates to a 5-ish mile run!


  1. You DEFINITELY pull off the bangs well! Mine are so fine and whispy it's really not even an option. My hip is off again so I'm not running for at least a few days. Yoga it is! (I've been LOVING it lately)

  2. LOVE THE BANGS! I wish I was brave enough to try them!!!


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