Thursday, March 24, 2011

Season of Color!

So I was perusing my latest InStyle magazine and this month's issue is all about COLOR!  It is awesome.  When I got to the section about how you, the reader, can add color into your wardrobe, I fell in love with the beauty section (I'm a sucker for beauty products).  And then I turned the page and.... GASP!  Two nail polish colors on one hand are 'in!'     

I have a small hoard of nail polish under my sink... so I dug through my collection and found some FUN and BRIGHT colors.  And I mixed and matched.  Maybe it makes me look like a tween... but I don't really care.  I like it.  And I might try a crazier combination next time around.  Like blue and lilac.  Or orange and pink.  The possibilities are endless. 

Another shocking discovery in my mag?!  This girl's fashion blog that I read almost daily!  She made it into InStyle!  Good for her.  

What do you think of the two-nail-polishes-on-one-hand look?  It's growing on me.  It's fun.  It's unexpected.  And why not have fun with your own style?  If I start wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt and glitter hair extensions, please intervene. 

Do you read fashion mags?  I love InStyle.  I also love Real Simple and the occasional Us Weekly and People.  Sssssssh!  Don't tell Lee!


  1. I know nothing about style really. I wear almost the same old frumpy yoga pants daily. Ha! But I get to go to a cocktail party tomorrow so here's hoping for some style! I love the multi color look if I was to use polish. I only own one color, maybe two. :) I love color though!

  2. I think the 2 colors of nail polish is cute. Have you seen the new shellac manicures? They use a special type of polish and set it with a top coat- you put your hands under a UV light for a couple minutes and like magic, perfectly set polish that is supposed to last for weeks.

  3. My girls are in LOVE with this trend. We have so many bottles of nail polish. Think I could get away with painting EACH nail a different color of the rainbow? :) I need someone to style me...I am terrible at that!


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