Monday, March 7, 2011

Peace out, SoCal. It's been real.

My trip to Southern California is winding down and I feel a little sad about that... but I am excited to get home to my man and my life in Boston.  KPT and I have had a wonderful and very relaxing time hanging out together.  Today we did a hike on one of my old favorite running/mtn biking trails... the Backbone.  This trail is a gorgeous single-track that winds through the rolling mountains of Santa Monica. We saw snakes, lizards, and rabbits and reminisced about the past as we took in the ocean views.  It was great.

But as much as I've loved being back in Santa Monica, it is apparent to me that I have outgrown this city and this lifestyle.  I don't really know just how to put it into words but something about me and this city has changed and we no longer seem to mesh.  Don't get me wrong... I love the weather and the beach and the mountains... but I think Santa Monica will always be the party city where I spent my somewhat wild 20's.  Let's just leave it at that!

My eyes have been opened on this trip.  My little sister is doing wonderful things with her life and I am so proud of her.  Keep it up, KPT!  This is your year to shine!!

Garmin stats: 8 mile hike. Gorgeous views. Ocean breezes. Sisterly love. Perfect!


  1. Just a part of growing? I am still glad you enjoyed yourself ! You did miss some warm weather and you'll be amazed how much snow is gone! Safe travels.

  2. Sounds like a great trip down memory lane and to a beautiful place that now has different meaning to you. Gotta love sister time. :)

  3. Aww, sounds like a great trip! So glad you got to get away. In response to your comment: you will be the cutest prego lady! Good luck!!! Sounds like you've got your priorities in order. Being prego and having babies beats running any day! Hands down! NOthing compares!


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