Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold like no other.

(Cats and dogs... living together.... MASS HYSTERIA!)

Yes it really was -35 C (which is -31 F) and yes it was freezing.  But it was awesome.  I kept trying to will the thermometer down to -40 C which is where the two scales meet... I can barely wrap my brain around that concept... it's diabolical!!  -40 C is the same as -40 F!!

(The morning sun... coming up to warm this place to a balmy -15 C.)

I can no longer complain about how cold it is in Boston.  These Canadian peeps know cold. 

(Nope. Not going gray. Everything is just slowly freezing. Including my hair.)

What is the coldest temperature YOU'VE ever experienced?  This is it.  This is the coldest weather I've ever felt. And. It. Is. C-c-c-cold.
Can you imagine if these guys did a 'polar bear dip' here?  I think it would be illegal because someone would most definitely die. 

1 comment:

  1. That is crazy cold. I'm not sure I could handle that. I'd have to work out of my house. My very heated house. :)


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