Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome to the Ice Capades!

(I had NO CHANCE of keeping my feet dry today.)

Not much going on today.  It was a nice, relaxing Sunday.... oh, except for that 11 mile run I did that was borderline miserable.  Above is a picture of what I had to deal with on my run... those footprints that you see are actually filled with ice-cold, dirty, slushy water.  And then when it wasn't slushy sidewalks it was ice-rink sidewalks with one-inch thick ice covered in a thin layer of snow so you thought you could run full-speed on it when in reality it was a trip to the orthodontist waiting to happen.  When running on the ice-rink sidewalks you have to do this little shuffle-run maneuver because if you outright ran on them, you'd splat either on your face or your butt.  It was akin to an obstacle course, really.  But I made it.  I've decided that I can handle the cold, no problem.  It's the shitty, non-shoveled sidewalks that are the bane of my existence.  You can basically forget about getting any sort of consistent pace going when the sidewalks look like this.  Anyway... I'm glad I got that run in.  Now I'm just praying for a warming trend to melt all that crap.  Hey, a girl can dream.

 (I'd have to get over my fear of, oh you know, EVERYTHING if I wanted to do this race.)

In other news, we watched an awesome movie last night and I'm pretty sure I know what Lee and I will be doing a few years from now.  'Ride the Divide' is about a mountain bike race from Banff, Alberta, Canada to the U.S./Mexico border.  Yep.  That's right.  These guys bike from Canada to Mexico on the Continental Divide trail.  It takes about three weeks and it's all self-supported, meaning you can't have a crew of people meeting you in the towns to cook you meals and rub your feet.  To say it's hard-core is a total understatement.  And Lee wants to do this race someday.  I support him 100% in this goal and I believe he can finish it.  He's one tough dude.  If you have any interest in seeing this amazing movie, you can rent it in iTunes.  It's worth the $3.99 rental fee, trust me. 

Garmin stats: 11 miles/1hr 31min. I'm lucky I didn't break an ankle/kneecap/elbow/my entire face or all of the above today.

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