Monday, January 17, 2011

Katie Waltman Jewelry.

    (Photo courtesy of Katie Waltman Jewelry.)

While I was getting dressed today, this occurred to me.  Every time I get ready for something... a hot date with my husband, a day out shopping, a trip to the grocery store... I put on jewelry.  Sometimes it's just a simple chain and earrings, other times it's multiple necklaces with a beautiful bracelet.  For me, jewelry completes an outfit.  I love creating my own unique look by wearing unique pieces of jewelry.  Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry were designed by a friend of mine, Katie Waltman

Before Lee and I got married, I asked Katie to design earrings and a bracelet for me to wear on our special day.  Katie has such a beautiful aesthetic and attention to detail that I knew whatever she made would be gorgeously crafted and 100% unique.  I was absolutely thrilled with what she created for me.  The earrings and bracelet were the finishing touch to my wedding dress and I have never felt more beautiful than I did that day.

(Earrings by Katie Waltman. Photo by Amy Little.)
(Bracelet by Katie Waltman. Photo by Amy Little. Flowers by Roots.)

Since buying those first few pieces, I have added more of her jewelry to my collection.  I am in love with her long pendant necklaces and her delicate barely-there chains.  This year for our first wedding anniversary, Lee bought me a beautiful necklace and earrings.  I'd like to make it our tradition to add another piece of Katie's jewelry to my collection every year.

If you don't live in Salt Lake City where Katie is, don't fret!  She sells her jewelry on her own personal website.  I can't recommend her jewelry enough.  Her craftsmanship is top-notch and you won't see anyone else wearing her one-of-a-kind pieces.  I am always getting compliments about my earrings and necklaces and Katie's jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  Keep it up, Katie!

In other news... I did Yoga today.  Like in a studio.  With other people.  Miracles DO happen, folks. 

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