Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where in the world are Lee & Briana?

Guess where we STILL are?!? Yep! You guessed it! Salt Lake City, baby!! We woke up this morning to emails and phone calls from Delta saying our 2pm flight to Boston thru Minneapolis was canceled and we'd been rebooked... ON SEPERATE FLIGHTS!! No joke. Lee had been rebooked on a 10pm red eye flight tonight (SLC-->LAX-->ATL-->BOS = miserable!!) and I'd been rebooked on a flight for tomorrow morning (SLC-->Memphis-->BOS = much more tolerable than Lee's flight...and I'm measly gold status on Delta and he's DIAMOND!) At 7pm tonight, though, Lee's multi-stop flight had ALSO been canceled and he is now flying home Tues morning. What a cluster-f*ck. I seriously won't be surprised if when I wake up at 6am I have messages from Delta that my flight has also been canceled. Let's hope the 'state of emergency' that has been declared in Massachusetts has been lifted and I CAN GET HOME TO MY CATS FOR GODSSAKE!! But, rest assured... I've contacted our property manager about this whole fiasco and if my flight is canceled tomorrow, she will go to our place and feed/water those two fuzzballs (she must be a saint because I have NEVER met this woman in my life!!)

We made the most of our day, though. Brunch at 'the Copper Onion,' a matinee 'Black Swan (holy creepy movie!!), an evening run, and dinner and beers at Squatters. Yum.

Let's hope the weather gods cooperate and I get back to Boston tomorrow!!

Garmin stats: 8.3miles/1:10min. Snowy, hilly fun!

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