Saturday, December 25, 2010

It'll be a Christmas miracle...

(Whoa, Nelly....layering for cold is NOT flattering to the figure!)

...if we get back to Boston tomorrow. We've already had our direct flight CANCELLED from SLC to Boston and we're now flying thru Minneapolis (not sure how THAT will help). And, to top it all off, the news channels are all a-buzz about how this storm is going to wallop the Northeast. Awesome. Let's hope those cats of mine heeded my warning and RATIONED their food and water... but that's unlikely. Hopefully we don't find two shriveled up and raisin-like kitties when we arrive home tomorrow night. That is, IF we make it home tomorrow night.


Garmin stats: 4 miles/32 min. Just a short run to work up a Christmas appetite!!

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