Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hop Head Red beer.

Aaaaaaaah. Feels good to be home. On today's list....

- Breakfast at Carlucci's....CHECK!
- Laser hair removal appt (yeeeowza)....CHECK!
- Run/speed workout up City Creek....CHECK!
- Lunch at Squatters (mmm...oatmeal stout)....CHECK!
- 'Mad Men' and a chocolate bar with my man.... TBD
- Dinner with the 'rents.... TBD

So far, so good. Love this town. Tomorrow morning I'm having breakfast with girlfriends and then it's off to Utah County (gulp!) for Christmas with Grandma!

Side note: In a later post... which I'll write when I have more time... there was an 'incident' on the plane last night that required my medical knowledge. Ya. Totally NOT stressful. Good times.

Garmin stats: 5.08 miles/42 min. Speed work (2min on, 30 second off x 5). Damn altitude!!

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