Monday, November 29, 2010

T-minus 24 hours...

(Getting bigger... and bigger... and bigger.)

So I know I should be packing right now and not blogging but I NEED A BREAK!  Lee is working today so I'm having a go at it all by myself and it's tough!  Deciding what to take and what not to take all by myself is a mental work out.  My job for today is to get the kitchen ready to pack... sounds easy, right?  Well... for the most part it is... but then you get all those random things from the 'junk drawer' and it's like, "What the eff am I supposed to do with this plastic-y thing?"  Seriously, going thru all this stuff further cements my commitment to NOT BUYING ANY MORE JUNK and to really think whether or not I need something before I buy it.  Ugh.  It's draining.  The good thing is, Lee and I aren't 'savers' so I think in comparison to most people, we have very little 'stuff.'

Since we have NO FOOD in our fridge (movers are coming tomorrow!) we headed to Carlucci's Bakery for lunch.  We both needed the mental break... Lee from work and me from packing.  Yesterday it basically snowed for over 24 hours and we have close to A FOOT OF SNOW in downtown S.L.C. and now it's a beautiful blue skies day. We have this thing called the 'lake effect' which causes us to get a TON more snow than cities just 15 miles down the valley.  It's weird.

(The bus stop outside our loft. Tons & tons of snow on the ground.)

(Poor little piggy! Looks like he's wearing a snow blanket.)

Lunch was delicious.  I said good bye to my favorite counter workers at Carlucci's (although I'm sure we'll eat there again before we leave on Thurs) and then we tromped back thru the snow to our loft to get back to work.  As Lee would say... "BACK TO THE SALT MINES!!" 

(Lee. Working while waiting for lunch. He's so dedicated. Check out the SNOW!)

(Fuel for afternoon packing. Lee had a plain ol' brownie. I had the peppermint brownie. Mine was better.)

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