Sunday, November 28, 2010

Running in a winter wonderland!

(How hot are these?!? And, yes, that is a candy print. I'm obsessed, duh.)

Wow. So I wasn't expecting a winter 'white-out' when I woke up this morning but, sure enough, there was a good 4 inches of fluffy snow on the sidewalks in downtown S.L.C. by 8 A.M.  I had planned to go on a run today and, by golly, a little snow wasn't going to keep me from heading out there!  I geared up with a bunch of layers, pulled out my Dirty Girl gaiters to keep the snow out of my shoes, strapped on my Garmin, and headed out into the snowy city.

Running in fresh snow is a lot like running in sand... it takes A LOT more effort than running on just a sidewalk.  As I got up towards the capitol building, there was significantly more snow and then when I got to City Creek... OoooooooWeeeeeeee!  No plows had been there yet and there was a good 6 inches of snow on the road making it really difficult to run but also really fun to run thru it.  There were a few other brave souls walking in City Creek and I greeted each of them with an enthusiastic 'GOOD MORNING!'  I'm sure they thought I'd smoked a big bowl of crack before heading out on a run in 6 inches of snow...

My Garmin sure enjoyed the run, especially since my virtual training partner was kicking my ass for the first few uphill miles.  Running uphill in snow is pretty hard, Mr Snooty Virtual Training Partner.  Don't worry, by the end I'd made up the time and passed that jackass that great training partner with a 7:25 minute final mile.  Take that!

Garmin stats: 5.14 miles/47 minutes. Capitol to City Creek. BLIZZZZZZARDY CONDITIONS!

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