Friday, November 26, 2010

Sac up!

 (Tonight's sunset.)
 (Self-photos help decrease stress. It's proven. Plus, check out that honker on the side of my chin.)

(Yeeeowza, That's a biggie!)

Boy, oh boy.  What a day it's been.  We're knee deep in preparation for 'Move Day: 2010' and stress levels are at their PEAK, I tell ya.  It's funny how when people get stressed all sorts of weird characteristics come out... crankiness, short-tempered, annoyed, tearful, edge-y, crater-sized zits... and here at the Lesburg/Terry household, we're exhibiting them all!  The good thing is we both realize where this stress is coming from and we're not taking it personally... because at the end of the day, we're a TEAM!

Anyway, midway thru the day I decided to sac up and go for a run in the frigid 25 degree temps.  I'd been humming and hawing all day over whether it was 'too cold' or 'too icy' to go running and then I grew some cahones and geared up for some winter weather running (running in L.A. for 7 years has made me soft).   And the thing is, after a few blocks of running, the cold is no biggie anyway (I need to keep reminding myself of that because Boston ain't gonna be any warmer at this time o' year!).

I had a great run... did just over 5 miles in 42 minutes (thank you, Garmin!).  But I have to say, my Garmin may be too smart for me.  When I don't have my handy how-to guide, I just push buttons and hope for the results that I need.  I need to hanker down with that manual and study up!  

After my run I felt much more clear-headed and my stress levels from countdown to 'Move Day 2010' were much more manageable.  Running rocks!

Garmin stats: 5.08 miles/42 minutes. Avenues to City Creek. Sunny & cold!

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