Saturday, November 20, 2010

Napa... Day 2.

 (Dad's fireplace. More wine.)

I know this picture looks very similar to yesterday's post but, hey... it's Napa... it's what we do when in Napa. Today Lee and I had a fabulous breakfast at my Dad and step-mom's house, overlooking the Napa river. The rain cleared out long enough for Lee and I to get a workout in and then, after showering up, it was off to Calistoga and St Helena for window shopping! Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and it DUMPED rain the entire afternoon so we had a leisurely lunch at Go Fish and then did wine tasting at our favorite winery, Alpha Omega (more on that later). We had dinner at my dad's.... with Kristen and her BF and me and Lee and Shawna and my dad... and the rain and great music and delicious wine... I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Tomorrow we're doing our Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving here in Napa. Usually we spend this holiday here but this year my dad and Shawna have other plans so we've decided to celebrate the holiday a few days before. I have tons more to write about (wine-tasting, my dad's media room, the beautiful Napa Valley) but I'm short on blogging time, long on family time. More to come....

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